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Modular, loosely coupled,
interoperable protocols for a
open, resilient, + humane web.
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Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol that extends the internet's root zone where top-level domains are managed.

With Handshake, we can self custody, self certify, and self verify domain names for fully peer-to-peer DNS.

The Shake is here to guide you on your journey through Handshake and the DWeb.


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Latest News from The Shake
Weekly updates across the ecosystem.

2023 kicks off with HNSD V2, a new mobile resolver, a new mining pool, and more.

Bitmain HNS ASICs // Namebase teases HNS.ID // Excerpt adds tipping and RSS //

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On the assurances afforded by light client resolution. Plus, Cosmos subdomains, auth tools, and a P2P IPFS gateway.

Tracking SLD registrations lets us map the colorful world of namespaces anchored in the Handshake root. Plus, multisig staking, systemd fullnode guide, and more.

The Shake now tracks Handshake ecosystem data from high-level network metrics down to individual blocks. Plus, HNS terminology guide, Arweave nameservers, and more.

Tokenizing Handshake top level domains, plus a full week of the web’s middlemen wielding their power.

The Overton Window has shifted, and there's a new wave of projects taking novel approaches to tackling decentralized frontends.

On the launch of of a music-specific namespace. Plus, Palm Reader mobile demo, Tailscale supports NextDNS, and Dappnet decentralized frontends.

Or how to do identity-based asset distribution. Plus, the Battle for the Soul of the Web and light client checkpoints.

Bob Wallet chrome extension is back! Plus, deploying sites to Arweave and Handshake in 60 seconds or less.

Internet disruptions amid protests in Iran have shut down mobile services and major social platforms. Plus, demos for P2P SSL certs and our IPFS gateway.

The Namebase 2.0 team has a new, but familiar look. Plus, stateless DANE clients, simple certs with Certy, and .Contract goes trustless.

Opera's Handshake support, Impervious Registry programmability, The Shake’s data portal, and more.

Namecheap walked away with .e for 5M HNS, but the story is not about the winning bid. Plus, this week in Handshake.

Public.Records is a public IPFS gateway on Handshake, from us at The Shake. Plus HeyTX at NamesCon and HS Hub Domains.

Three steps to setting up websites using Impervious Registry. Plus, TRM Labs censorship in DeFi and a selection of on-chain music projects on Handshake.

DeFi domain takedowns, Bob Wallet V1, and Keybase claims on HNS

Namebase releases a proposal for decentralized SLDs on Optimism with several unique features including a dev fund for Handshake core development.

On covenants -- If we can build decentralized trading and registry protocols using the existing covenant primitives, what else can we build?

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